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Product Name:4'-Chloropropiophenone
CAS No.:6285-05-8
P-chlorophenylacetone is an important intermediate with structural composition. It is mainly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and a key intermediate in the synthesis of a new weight loss drug rimonaban (n - (piperidine) - 5 - (4-chlorophenyl) - 1 - (2,4-dichlorophenyl) - 4-methyl-ih-pyrazole-3 formamide) chemicalbook α- Bromo 4-chlorophenylacetone and ethyl 4 - (4-chlorophenyl) - 3-methyl-2,4-dioxobutyrate; It can also be used as fine chemical raw materials for the synthesis of fine chemical products with p-chlorobenzene ring structure in molecules, as well as other pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

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